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Video - Bell goes to war !

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No, this is not the latest fashionable arcade game, but in fact the future V-280 Bell Helicopter. For the time being, it only exists on paper, but not for long. Inspired by the current V-22 Osprey helicopter, the US manufacturer plans to fly their prototype in 2017 intending to convince the US Army to replace its Black Hawk helicopters with this Multi-Role tilt-rotor helicopter; foremost in innovation.

Christopher P. Gehler, Manager military business development - Bell Helicopter: interview in the video.

The US Army in fact demands a minimum speed of 230 knots. The V-280, as its name suggests can go well beyond 280 knots, or 520 km/h, and carry 11 soldiers and 4 crew members over a distance of 1,500 kms. Originally designed as a troop or equipment carrier version, an attack version of the V-280 could also see the day. Objective: to be able to replace the 4,000 US Army helicopters by 2030.

A huge market that Bell intends to win with this technology demonstrator helicopter. The manufacturer is already considering production in Texas by 2020. But in the military field, the enemy, Boeing-Sikorsky is lying in ambush, and seems determined not to lose the battle.

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