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Video - Silence Twister: the first Swiss electric aerobatic aircraft

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The Silence Twister is the first Swiss electric aircraft capable of carrying out aerobatic manœuvres. Its maiden flight was on the 21st September at Raron in the Valais about 80 miles east of Geneva, Switzerland (see the video).

The aircraft was developed by Hamilton in partnership with an other company, Hangar 55. Thanks to its Siemens engine and 350lb batteries, the Silence Twister can reach up to 180 mph without using a single drop of fuel. It has a 20-minute autonomy in ‘aerobatic mode’ and nearly an hour for normal use.

At 680lbs, this Swiss electric aircraft is lighter and quieter than a classic aerobatic aircraft and will be 80% cheaper to operate. The manufacturer could start line production of the Silence Twister before the end of the year. For the moment, the price tag is unknown.

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  • Stephen Harding
    Posté the 10/06/2016 3:17 pm

    Looks good. How is it certified by the FAA
    and how quickly can it be recharged to, say 80% DoD?

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