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Video - Falcon 5X emerges from the shadows

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There was a party atmosphere at Dassault Aviation in Bordeaux-Merignac (south-western France) on Tuesday 2 June. The Falcon assembly lines had been transformed into a giant auditorium, where nearly 400 guests, clients, operators and industrial partners were able to attend the light hearted presentation of the first Falcon 5X produced.

Announced in Las Vegas, during October, 2013, this large cabin business jet, has a long range of over 9,600 kilometres (6,000 miles). The twin jet Falcon 5X, will receive the latest Snecma Silvercrest engine, which provides nearly 15% superior performance compared to all other engines in the same category. The 5X also has a new ultra-efficient wing; a Rafale derived digital flight control system, and a redesigned cockpit. Comfort has also been one of the key words in its development.

Eric Trappier, CEO, Dassault Aviation: "We have increased the cabin size, to make it the world’s largest in business jets today. For reasons of comfort, we will improve the pressurization, and the interior layout. All this in the best interests of our 5X clients, who need to arrive relaxed, on form, and ready to conduct their business efficiently upon arrival at their destination."

The test programme began last autumn with the first power and ground tests. In total four units will be used until the aircraft’s entry into service between the end of 2017 and early 2018. The cabin interior will be carried out, like that for the Falcon 8X, at Littlerock in the United States. The flight test programme will begin with the inaugural flight planned for this summer. Meanwhile, with the Falcon 5X’s price tag at almost $ 45 million apiece, little by little, the order book is filling.

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