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Video - Dassault Aviation confident for 2015

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On 11th March, at Saint Cloud near Paris, Dassault Aviation presented lower year end figures for 2014.

Last year, the French manufacturer achieved a turnover of over 3.5 billion euros, being nearly one billion less than in 2013. Exceptional commands from the French government, such as that for the Neuron drone programme, had helped to bolster the 2013 balance sheet, but the 2014 decline was also due to the low number of Falcon deliveries, with 66 aircraft as against 77 for the previous year.

However, these results do not overly worry Dassault Aviation, whose well-filled order book has grown, thanks to heightened activity in the business aviation sector.

Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation

"2014 was a good year for Falcon orders, 90 aircraft compared to the previous year is real progress. In particular we are taking more Falcon orders than we are delivering, which is very good news indicating increased activity in the Falcon market."

Higher Falcon commands of nearly 30% over the previous year, heralds in 2015 as a good year. Dassault Aviation is counting on their two new Falcon 8X and 5X business jets to enable them gain an increased market share.

On the military side, though the Rafale was not exported in 2014, last month’s sale of 11 aircraft to Egypt, is highly encouraging for the manufacturer who envisages other contracts, perhaps even this year...

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