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Video - Dassault Aviation's very private "showroom"

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Dassault Aviation recently opened the doors of a secret place to us, a place that only a select few know - the aircraft manufacturer’s showroom. A kind of shop window for their Falcon customers. It is in a large building, located at Le Bourget airport, near Paris (France), that they come to choose their future private jet interior layouts. Aircraft that each cost between 25 and 50 million dollars.

Rémi Bachelet, Head of Specifications and Design - Dassault Aviation : " Customers buy a basic standard ‘plane, i.e. one with a certain level of communication equipment and avionics. Once the contract is signed, we work with them to take into account their specific usage needs, and help them choose a number of options."

And there are many options for decorating their cabin layouts. Types of precious wood finishes, patterned carpets, even the china, here you can choose from dozens of materials and colours.

In this showroom where everything is luxurious, thanks to the demonstration booths, the clientele can inspect the electronic equipment, try out the seating comfort, and take a look at the galley (onboard kitchen area), although, normally it won’t be them who will use it the most. Their choices are then presented to them on a 3D computer, giving the prospective buyers a fairly accurate view of the jet’s interior layout, sometimes with a few surprises.

Rémi Bachelet, Head of Specifications and Design - Dassault Aviation : " We sometimes get requests that push us a little into a corner. For example, for one customer we developed a shower system. It's a system that, at first glance, looked simple, but being in an airplane, required a lot of development work."

Dassault does not reveal the names of their clients, nor how many  they have. Those who come here are sometimes show business personalities or politicians, but for the vast majority they are business people. And business is doing well : opened only a year ago, on average, this showroom hosts prospective clients three times a week.

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