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Challenger 650: new Bombardier twin-jet

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Challenger 650: new Bombardier twin-jet

Bombardier is expanding its line of Challenger business jets. The Canadian manufacturer presented their Challenger 650 on 19th October in Orlando, Florida. The presentation ceremony was held on the tarmac of the NBAA show, dedicated to business aviation, which runs from 21st to 23rd October.

This new jet, for up to twelve passengers, is actually a derivative of the Challenger 605, and will have a completely redesigned cabin, large HD screens, an in-flight entertainment system, plus a Bluetooth connectivity.

The Challenger 650 is also equipped with a new Bombardier Vision cockpit, inspired by jets in the high-end of the Global family.


On the performance side, thanks to the new General Electric engines, the Challenger 650 is able to take off from shorter runways and has a range of more than 7,000 kilometres (4,300 miles).

The presentation of the new Bombardier jet took place in the presence of NetJets, the launch customer. In June 2012, NetJets gave a firm order for 25 Challenger 650’s (at the time called the Challenger 605 NG). The first deliveries of the twin-jet are expected in 2015 at a list price of $32 million. 

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