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  • New look interiors for private jets

    Whilst during the last 5 years the crisis has not spared the market for luxury jets throughout the world, business is gradually improving - just like the interiors of these flying palaces. Ostentatious luxury is definitely a thing of the past. To check this out we visited the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre.

  • The Falcon is 50 years old !

    The first private jet from Dassault Aviation celebrates its 50th birthday. Thanks to the "Mystère 20" the french manufacturer was able make its mark in business aviation which they maintain even today with their latest versions. Since 1963, 2,250 Falcon jets have been sold worldwide.

  • Business aviation future looks bright !

    Business aviation future looks bright !

  • eGenius

    The University of Stuttgart in Germany has just developed a highly economical electrically-powered plane to the tune of 1.5 million euros ! Thanks to its electric motor, the eGenius consumes in fact, only 0.7 litre per passenger, per 100 kilometres. This experimental aircraft should establish a clearer understanding of the potential of electricity in aeronautics as its main source of alternative energy. Here's how...

  • Shaky take-off for the Skylander

    The Skylander is going through rough weather. The french government had originally engaged 120 million euros, but has just backed off following an in-depth audit by the FSI (Strategic Investment Fund) which foresees an increase in the programme costs and reduction in deliveries. The aeronautical engineering group, GECI International, however has no intention of giving up the project and may look for private backing.

  • Dassault remains optimistic

    Dassault Aviation has just closed its accounts for 2011. The outcome ? Revenues down, 32 less jet deliveries, but net income up 10% thanks to its equity stake in Thales. The French manufacturer is therefore still smiling. The market should pick-up by the end of the year and all hopes are on the Rafale.

  • G280: on the market soon

    After obtaining provisional certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the Gulfstream G280 is close to it's first delivery ! At $ 24 million each, the business jet, accommodating up to 10 passengers, features the latest technological innovations, notably in communications. Its future customers will use it as a second office. But who are they ?

  • No limit

    Spotlight on the Akoya, an amphibious 2 – seater plane designed and developed by the French company Lisa Airplanes. Equally at ease on water, land or snow, the aircraft is finally ready to be commercialized. Capable of flying at 250 k’s. per hour with a range of 1,500 k’s, the Akoya offers it’s occupants a real freedom of destination choice for that weekend getaway – at a price !.


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