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Video - The Panthera shows classy power at the Cannes Airshow

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The 36°C. on the tarmac at Cannes airport did not deter visitors to the 8th., Cannes Airshow. It has even become an annual day out, for some, wishing to keep abreast of the latest models whether they be microlights or private jets. Dedicated to general aviation, the Cannes Airshow welcomes exhibitors and visiting pilots from around the world. Organizers hope to fill the three days of the show with capacity crowds.

Didier Mary, Cannes Airshow Organizer :

"The last two years, 2012 and 2013 were the same as for many of our colleagues in aviation and show organization more difficult : fewer exhibitors, cancellations, things like that, but this year looks like we are back on a relatively interesting footing, although still not approaching the great year we had in 2011, this year we have more than 150 exhibitors and around a hundred aircraft."

One of the most admired aircraft is probably the single-engined prototype four-seater Panthera, from the Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel, which is currently awaiting certification. Although there is nothing unusual about its engine, a six-cylinder 250 horsepower Lycoming, the strength of Pipistrel is elsewhere in the optimization of the engine's capabilities through aerodynamics.

Christian Stuck, Finesse Max Manager - Pipistrel France :

"What differentiates this aircraft is really the research in terms of aerodynamics, combined with the use of very modern materials such as carbon. We see wings with an elliptical form, extremely slender winglets, and very thin profile thicknesses due to the ultra-modern technology. So with the same amount of fuel, the same fuel consumption, we can fly 10, 20, 30% farther and faster than with the current conventional aircraft available today."

With its elliptical wing, well considered aerodynamics, and superb finishes in the cockpit, Panthera exudes luxury.

Christian Stuck, Finesse Max Manager - Pipistrel France :

"Overall it is a beautiful object, which also goes for the interiors where we choose quality materials, so consequently, we have the equivalent of high-end cars transposed to aviation."

At 500,000 euros, the price of the Panthera due to be approved in 2017, certainly doesn't come cheap, but that certainly does not prevent pilots from drooling.

Lawrence, Private pilot :

"First and foremost, this is a modern aircraft, that looks like it has the latest up to date equipment, an airplane that appears light and powerful."

Claude, Private pilot :

"It has fine lines, and is really beautiful designed."

The Panthera could serve as a basis for Pipistrel's future projects, including a hybrid and another electrical model.

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