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Video - Newrest provides 5-star snacks at Le Bourget

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After Nice, Geneva, Malaga and Palma, Majorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Newrest has just opened a new designated business aviation kitchen at Le Bourget airport, 10.6 km ( 6.6 miles ) north east of the centre of

Paris. Since 1996, the company, specialized in ''aviation catering'', has done this in respond to a demand from its upmarket clientele who travel exclusively by large private aircraft or business jets.

Olivier Sadran – President, Newrest :

"The demand is very strong, not only on the part of companies arriving from the Middle East, but also from a number of European customers, so there was something lacking that had to be addressed."

In this 1,500 m2 ( 16,000 sq.ft. ) kitchen, 60 employees are hard at work, to develop five-star menus, 365 days a year, 20 hours out of 24. They are called upon to respond to all culinary requests from their customers in the record time of just one hour.

Eric Roset - Site Manager Bourget – Newrest, Private :

"We have a menu just like in a restaurant, except that this clientele can ask us to provide any product at any time, day or night. To make a parallel with the hotel industry, we are a sort of ''room service'' of the air, but which requires highly developed logistics in terms of procurement and purchasing."

The cost of a meal tray of course varies depending on the products requested, and with truffles and caviar on the menu, it can reach 1,000 euros. This ''caterer of the air'' currently produces up to 300 per day, but even with 25,000 aircraft taking off every year at Le Bourget airport, Newrest intends to increase its deliveries. This year, across all sectors, the company expects a turnover of almost one billion euros.

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