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  • Sonaca 200 en route to certification

    Sonaca 200, the brand new single-engine two-seat general aviation aircraft, is slated to obtain European certification in September, with first deliveries expected at the end of the year.

  • Gulfstream G600 flies ahead of schedule

    American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace has successfully completed the first test flight of its G600 from Savannah, Georgia. This long-haul business jet will enter service in 2018, ahead of schedule. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • Dassault opens new Maintenance facility for Falcon near Bordeaux

    Dassault Aviation has just inaugurated a new maintenance facility near Bordeaux, in the south-west of France. The new plant will meet the increased demand for repair and overhaul services for the first Falcon 7X jets delivered. See the video without commentary. Read the article.

  • First images of test flight by Bombardier’s Global 7000

    The Bombardier Global 7000 successfully competed its first test-flight above Toronto, Canada on 4th November. The new twin-engined business jet is scheduled to enter into service in the second half of 2018. Watch the video without commentary. Read the article.

  • Dassault Aviation Hands Over First Falcon 8X

    Dassault Aviation has delivered on October 5 its first Falcon 8X, marking the entry into service of the company’s new ultra-long range flagship. Amjet Executive took delivery of the aircraft at Dassault Aviation’s Bordeaux facility. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Silence Twister: the first Swiss electric aerobatic aircraft

    The very first electric aerobatic aircraft carried out its first flight on the 21st September in Switzerland. It can carry out aerobatic manœuvres and reach over 180 mph. Watch the video. Read the article.

  • Falcon 8X sets off to woo first customers worldwide

    On 4 April, at le Bourget Airport, France, the first Falcon 8X, incorporating a superb cabin layout, took-off for New York, just a few minutes after our tour of the interior.

  • Single-engined two-seater Sonaca 200 now on sale

    The Belgian plane manufacturer, Sonaca Aircraft, has officially launched its single-engined two-seater, the Sonaca 200 onto the market. The aircraft is designed for the flight school and leisure markets. Watch the exclusive video and read the article.

  • Diamond Aircraft’s latest : the DA62

    The Austrian company, Diamond Aircraft’s, all-new light-piston twin, DA62 marketing has begun. The manufacturers compare their elegantly sculpted aircraft to a "luxury flying SUV".

  • HondaJet’s Over-The-Wing Engine Mount

    The originality of the HondaJet, the first of which has just been delivered, lies in the location of its twin General Electric engines, and set high on pylons above the wings.

  • Falcon 5X emerges from the shadows

    Dassault Aviation has just unveiled the first Falcon 5X to roll off their Bordeaux (south-western France) assembly lines. The inaugural flight is scheduled for the summer, with entry into service expected in late 2017 or early 2018.

  • NetJets : worldwide leader in private aviation

    On the occasion of the last day of the business aviation dedicated EBACE show in Geneva, Switzerland, we take a closer look at NetJets. Since its inception, the company has become the world leader in business aviation timeshare.

  • Gulfstream G500’s successful first flight

    On 18 May, Gulfstream, the US aircraft manufacturer, took advantage of the Geneva (Switzerland) EBACE show, to put their future long-haul business jet under the spotlight, by announcing that they had successfully carried out the first flight of their G500 in the US.

  • Bombardier obliged to clip their own wings

    Bombardier will lay off 1,750 employees working on their Global 5000 and Global 6000 business jets due to the slowdown in orders.

  • HondaJet's Japan stopover before Europe

    The HondaJet HA-420, has just landed on Japanese soil for the first time. The start of a world tour that should take it across Europe. Why ? To woo potential customers.

  • Dassault Aviation confident for 2015

    On 11th., March, at Saint-Cloud near Paris, Dassault Aviation presented lower year end figures for 2014. However, these results do not overly worry Dassault Aviation, whose well-filled order book has grown thanks to heightened activity in the business aviation sector.

  • Dassault Aviation's very private "showroom"

    Dassault Aviation recently opened the doors of a secret place to us, a place that only a select few know - the aircraft manufacturer’s showroom. A kind of shop window for their Falcon customers. It is in a large building, located at Le Bourget airport, near Paris (France) that they come to choose their future private jet interior layouts.

  • Falcon 8X and Rafale : beginning of a promising year for Dassault

    Very discreetly and seven weeks after it officially rolled off the Merignac assembly lines near Bordeaux (south western France), the Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X undertook its first flight; a new milestone for the French manufacturer. As for the Rafale, the prospect of its first export success is approaching.

  • Bombardier’s Learjet 85 on standby

    On January 15th Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier announced the suspension of its Learjet 85 programme. A ‘‘break’’ motivated by current insufficient opportunities for this type of twin-engined business jet, and also a blow to employees working on the programme.


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