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Video - Liebherr-Aerospace's vibration test bench shakes it up

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In Toulouse, Liebherr-Aerospace is more than a little proud of its latest investment worth nearly 1.5 million Euros. Weighing in at 23 tonnes and measuring 4 metres long, this new vibration test bench will allow the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to certify that air conditioning packs meet universal norms.

This marks a big step forward for the company, as Mireille Lemasson, Head of Liebherr-Aerospace’s R&D Tests Department in Toulouse, explains. Prior to this, vibration tests for the packs were carried out externally, and for some types of equipment, this was no longer possible, because over the last ten years the level of vibration tests requested by clients has increased considerably.”

Before being integrated into a new model of aircraft, all new equipment must be certified. It’s obligatory for all air conditioning packs, for example, to pass the vibration test. Over four or five days, the equipment must be shaken around in all directions, up to 2,500 oscillations per second.

Julien Courty, Head of vibration and acoustic tests department at Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse: watch the interview in the video.

Next year, over 50 different type of equipment will pass through the vibration tests. They’re positively trembling at the thought of it.

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