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Video - Additive manufacturing: Liebherr-Aerospace makes a big impression

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Aircraft parts that are created magically from titanium or aluminium powder, has now become a reality at Liebherr-Aerospace. The aerospace equipment manufacturer began additive layer manufacturing six years ago. They presented the fruits of their labours at the recent ILA Berlin Air Show.

Additive manufacturing is the 3D printing of ever more sophisticated designed components than previously possible. Designed by computer, the excess material left on the spoiler valve blocks and actuators during their production is removed and the components are then laser milled and finished.

Heiko Lütjens, Managing director Liebherr-Aerospace - Lindenberg: interview in the video.

In addition to this benefit, additive manufacturing enables considerable savings in time, and thus costs, to be made.

Francis Carla, Managing director Liebherr-Aerospace - Toulouse: interview in the video.

This air-conditioning pack for aircraft is an example of what Liebherr-Aerospace could soon be producing with this process.

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