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Video - Liebherr-Aerospace’s new repair capability premises in US

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At Saline, a residential suburb of Detroit, northern United States, Liebherr-Aerospace has inaugurated a new facility dedicated to exchanger maintenance and repairs.

A heat exchanger is this aluminium or steel part that is integrated into air-conditioning packs. It helps regulate cabin temperatures and also cools hot air from the aircraft’s engine before being injected into the plane’s de-icing system. These new 35,000 square feet (3,200 m2) premises, costing € 9 million, house innovative techniques including robotics within their walls.

Alex Vlielander, president of Liebherr-Aerospace Saline: interview in the video.

By offering their customers a reconditioning service for their exchangers, Liebherr-Aerospace, who have been present in Saline for over 25 years, have added a new string to their bow; and in so doing, intend to pick up new market shares. This will be the first of the aerospace supplier’s sites to offer this service, and it is no accident.

Alex Vlielander, president of Liebherr-Aerospace Saline : interview in the video.

The facility will be operational this summer, and will receive parts came from around the world.

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