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Video - Simair develops thanks to modular galleys

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In just over thirty years, the aeronautical equipment manufacturer and supplier, Simair, has developed know-how in aerostructures and aircraft cabin equipment. It is here, at their Rochefort site (western France), that the company manufactures galleys; i.e. kitchen furniture for aircraft. An activity which represents 25% of the company's turnover but, which they are developping thanks to their modular furniture.

Gilles Raveau, Cabin Equipment Manager - Simair: "Before us we have an example: a simple case, which forms the basic cabinet, inside of which, you can put all sorts of inserts into different configurations. This type, will accept a hundred or so. Airlines do not need to re-certify the basic furniture, since it is already certified – and which, throughout the aircraft's life, can be re-configured. Providing this service and modularity to airlines, is what Simair’s strategy is based upon."

The manufacturing process has also been reorganised, in compliance with Simair’s objective of reducing the time between receipt of galley orders and deliveries, down to two weeks as against the six previously. Already present in Europe, the company has now turned resolutely towards international markets as Gilles Raveau explains: "Our perspectives have widened to embrace regional aircraft. For Simair, it is vital, essential, to have a position in the North American market, in order to balance those of the French and US; and to look toward a third - the Asian market."

For just their cabin equipment activity alone, which has some thirty customers worldwide, Simair have set themselves the ambitious goal of tripling their sales within the next four years. The company employs 280 people in France, and achieved a total turnover of over 24 million euros in 2014. 

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