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Video - JPB Système : the specialist in Self-Locking Solutions

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JPB Système’s head office is located near Villaroche airport, 50 kilometres ( 30 miles ) south east of Paris. Founded in 1995, the SME ( Small / Medium-sized Enterprise ), has been successful at developing and selling its technology to the major engine and airframe manufacturers ever since. We review the beginnings of this success story.

Everything began twenty years ago ; Jean-Pierre Marc, father of the company’s current president, was looking for an alternative system to ‘‘safetying’’ ( a system of safety-wires, cotter pins etc. ), which prevented the loosening of certain parts of aircraft engines due to vibration. Finally, he developed a unique nut securing system, but success was not immediately forthcoming.

Damien Marc, CEO, JPB Système : ‘‘This year is our its twentieth anniversary, and in 1995, when the company was founded, my father, and his then manager, came up with the idea of a unique nut securing system, which took another six to seven years to put onto the market.’’

The initial success, which came in 2001, was to equip the CFM56, at that time, the best-selling aircraft engine in the world, and building on this solid foundation, JPB Système then began diversifying.

Damien Marc, CEO, JPB Système : ‘‘We come from the world of engines, which is the most restrictive environment concerning applications, and today we are widening our fields of activity to other applications, such as airframes, landing gear, and wheels.’’

Because a nut which does not unscrew, is not only useful in engines. The JPB Système's design office does not only work on nuts, but also other applications such as engine pipe lines. In all, JPB Système have filed four patents worldwide.

The products are manufactured, tested and carefully checked under the most stringent conditions ; something highly appreciated by their customers: Snecma, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and the many others they have on their order books. In 2014, JPB Système achieved a 6,400,000 euro turnover and exported 70% of their production.

The company has opened a subsidiary in Ohio, with the aim of conquering the vast US market, and at Villaroche, they will also double the size of their production site toward the end of this year.

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