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Video - Daher : 2014, a great year

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Daher continues its ascension. The equipment manufacturer, specialized in the aeronautical sector, has published encouraging results for 2014, with their turnover approaching one billion euros, or 9% more than the previous year. A performance they owe to the good health of the aviation sector, which accounts for three quarters of their business.

It must be said that 2014 was a highly successful year for Daher. More than 50 units of their single-turboprop TBM 900 have been delivered since its launch almost a year ago, and major logistics contracts were signed with Airbus Helicopters and Turbomeca.

In 2015, Daher should continue this momentum with an order book of more than three billion euros.

Patrick Daher, Chief Executive Officer - Daher :

“Our sector, in particular that of aviation, remains a growth industry. Nuclear power is a little slower as you know, but the general activity will continue to grow in 2015, and especially our quality of service, which, in our jargon we call 'On Time Delivery', will continue to increase.”

The company aims to become one of the world's leading suppliers to the aerospace industry, and to enable them do that is changing their image. Daher-Socata as such, no longer exists, all activities will now be grouped under the single company name of Daher, together with their new more modern logo, which replaces the flag inherited from the time when they were a shipping company.

This new strategy is accompanied by a renewal of the company’s head by Didier Kayat, Deputy CEO, due to take over the Daher general direction by 2017.

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