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Video - Liebherr Aerospace inaugurates a logistics centre in Dubai

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On the occasion of its inauguration on 3rd February, we visited a new Liebherr Aerospace logistics centre in Dubai. This is the sixth such centre that the German aeronautical equipment manufacturer has opened in the world.

Didier Granger, Chief Executive Officer - OEM Services

‘‘We stock equipment manufacturer parts, we are their call-centre, their hotline, and we deliver the parts that airlines order from us, to them. For us, this centre corresponds to our business move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, an area that is better placed, since it is midway between Abu Dhabi Airport - historically the old Dubai Airport - and very close to the new Dubai Airport.’’

This huge parts storage depot is the result of a successful partnership. On the one hand, Liebherr Aerospace already has 1,000 sq.m. (almost 11,000 sq.ft.) of warehouse space, insitu, devoted to crane sales to the emirate’s construction sites. On the other hand, OEM Service, a company Liebherr Aerospace shares with three other European OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), enables them to increase their inventory of available aircraft parts; their goal being to to bring the equipment manufacturers closer to their Gulf customers.

Charles Thoyer-Rozat, Executive V.P. Customer Support - Liebherr Aerospace

‘‘Many airline companies and aircraft stop-over in Dubai. This therefore makes it much easier for everything related to parts delivery logistics, and of course allows us to serve our local customers.’’

These customer airlines are Emirates, Middle East Airlines and Kuwait Airways, whose aircraft fleets are continually growing. As for Dubai, this year, the emirate claims, that for the first time, in terms of passenger numbers, its historic airport, together with another under construction, is the largest in the world. The example of Liebherr Aerospace may well be emulated.

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