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Sogerma and Aerolia become Stelia Aerospace

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Sogerma and Aerolia become Stelia Aerospace

The information was made official yesterday by way of press release. As written into the process of merging the two companies announced last October, Sogerma and Aerolia both 100% subsidiaries of Airbus Group, will become Stelia Aerospace from 1st January. Stelia Aerospace, which will have some 6,000 employees at eleven locations, will thus become the world's third biggest aerostructures and First and Business Class seat manufacturers.

Neither the name of the future CEO nor the future head office were disclosed. Cedric Gautier, the current CEO of Aerolia, "would be best placed to head the new group", according to a close source. This would be all the more logical since he has profound knowledge of both companies, having also been the head of Sogerma for four years, from 2007 to 2011.

As for the location of the head office, by reason of its relationship with Airbus, this would logically be on the outskirts of Toulouse, where that of Aerolia is now.

All of which should be officially confirmed within the very near future.

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