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Video - The Titanium seat approved by the FAA

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Rebroadcast March 6th 2014

When we discovered it a year ago, this seat developed by the French company Expliseat was still at the prototype stage. It was certified by the European Aviation Safety in June 2013 and even found a buyer ! This year, on Tuesday 4th., June at the Aéroclub de France in Paris, the name of the first customer was unveiled; Air Méditerranée is signing a contract for $ 1million !

Jean-Charles Samuelian, Managing Director - Expliseat:

"What we announced a year ago, was the promise of an extremely comfortable seat weighing under 4kg. ( 8 3/4lbs. ). Today, we have an extremely solid titanium composite seat, which has passed all lifespan tests and certifications!"

And this seat, in the colours of its new owner, is a true revolution which will should allow companies to make substantial savings !

Antoine Ferretti, Managing Director - Air Méditerranée:

"This seat weighs a third that of a normal seat. On an A-321 that means an unladen weight reduction of two tons, which represents between 250 and 300 metric tonnes less fuel per year. So the investment could be amortized in less than three years."

This first contract between Expliseat and Air Med relates to one complete A-321 cabin for this summer before equipping ten other aircraft of the company.

Antoine Ferretti, Managing Director - Air Méditerranée:

"We'll wait to see the outcomes of a test throughout the summer to verify the reliability of the equipment. The seat has a quarter of the components of a normal seat. It has been greatly and cleverly simplified, and thanks to this, we hope to prove its reliability this summer before incorporating it into the rest of our fleet."

Production of this seat, mostly in France, could therefore accelerate during the coming months!

Jean-Charles Samuelian, Managing Director - Expliseat:

"In conjunction with our suppliers, our production capacity allows us to achieve a normal rhythm of 30,000 seats per year, which converts to about 170 aircraft cabins."

The last certification for the titanium seat should be E.A.S.A. validated by the end of March, in time for delivery of the first order to Air Med on 23rd., June – and, perhaps after that, to other companies - notably south-east Asian.

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