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Video - Liebherr and Brazil : 40 years of history

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 When Liebherr opened in Brazil 40 years ago, it was to produce maritime cranes and construction machinery, but since, the group has, as added other strings to their bow. On the occasion of this anniversary, we went to their Guaratingueta site, midway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Since 2005, in this 8,000 m2 ( 86,000 sq.ft. ) plant, 265 employees of the German equipment manufacturer have been producing a wide variety of aeronautical parts, including aircraft wing structural parts, key flight control components, landing gear and air handling systems, which are then assembled in Germany or France.

Nicolas Bonleux - Managing Director - Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation :

"This unit is specialized in the machining, assembly and surface treatment of extremely complex high-tech aluminum parts."

Parts that Liebherr Aerospace Brasil produce, not only for aircraft manufacturers such as Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing, but also for the closer to home Embraer, with whom, since the late 70's, links have been in place at San Jose Dos Campos, where the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer is located, and to whom Liebherr even provides a ten person support team both in engineering and assembly.

Nicolas Bonleux - Managing Director - Liebherr Aerospace & Transportation :

"We have a lot of equipment mounted on Embraer aircraft assembly lines each day. We help to install the equipment in order to ensure that it goes smoothly and without any hitches. We also have a support centre for all airlines flying in Brazil.''

Liebherr Aerospace, in fact, also offers maintenance services for carriers such as Tam and Azul. Last year, their South American activities accounted for 10% of their aerospace division's turnover, being 110 million euros.

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