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Video - Everything's GO for Safran...

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Thanks to a healthy aerospace industry, Safran achieved record results for 2013. Last year the group recorded a turnover of almost € 15 billion, up more than 8% compared to 2012.

And it's the strong growth in their engine and aircraft equipment activities such as spare part sales, maintenance and repairs that are buoying Safran up. The first servicings of the best-selling engine, the CFM-56, and General Electric GE-90 have indeed exceeded all expectations.

Only their security activities have declined. This division was particularly affected by the lack of new contracts in the field of biometric identity.

Despite everything he outlook still looks rosy. The aerospace equipment manufacturer still expects to increase its turnover by 5% during the course of 2014. It must be said that the group totals around 5,000 orders for the CFM-56 and 5,700 for its successor the LEAP, together accounting for a market share of 70% on future medium-haul aircraft. Its global order book now exceeds 56 billion euros !

Positive results that can be found on the financial markets. The stock exchange price of the group has in fact jumped 60% in one year!

With these figures, Safran, which recruited 3,600 employees in 2013, announced that it will continue hiring this year, albeit at a slower pace, in order to compensate for the increased activity and strengthen its capacity in research and development. At present, the group has more than 66,000 people worldwide.

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