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Video - A320neo’s: Dozens await Pratt & Whitney engines

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They’ve been parked there for several days, immobilized near the Airbus assembly lines in Toulouse (France) and Hamburg (Germany).

Twenty brand new A320neo aircraft in Toulouse alone, are lined up and awaiting delivery of their Pratt & Whitney engines before being handed over to their owners: IndiGo, Viva Aerobus, China Southern, Spirit and Qatar Airways.

All due to the fact that the American engine manufacturer is encountering several technical problems on their new PW 1100G high-bypass geared turbofan engine; a software bug that sends inaccurate messages to the cockpitand a 3-minute longer cooling system procedure than normal.

Although these engine problems do not present a danger in terms of security, Lufthansa, one of the two airlines that currently operate the A320neo, has nevertheless restricted the use of both their aircraft to domestic flights, only, within Germany.

When contacted, Airbus did not wish to comment on the matter, nor on the cost generated by these delays, but did assure us that this situation is temporary, and should be resolved by the summer.

As to the other engine option offered by Airbus, the handing over of the first LEAP equipped A320neo’s should be seen in June.

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