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Video - First series-production LEAP engines delivered to Airbus

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Programmed five years ago, the first two units of the LEAP series-production engines, for the A320neo, were delivered to Airbus on 15 April, exactly as planned. The ceremony was held at Aircelle, a Safran group subsidiary, in Toulouse, south western France. 400 people were invited to the event.

A major highlight was the real-time integration of the nacelle to one of the new high-bypass turbofan engines - in ten minutes flat.

Both LEAP engines will soon be transferred by road to Hamburg, Germany, where they will be installed on an A320neo, however, Airbus has not yet specified who the first airline will be to operate this new power plant, from June.

This first delivery will be followed by many others. CFM International plans to produce more than 100 LEAP engines this year, and more than 2,000 per year by 2020.

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