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Video - Safran receives an order for $ 2 billion

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Everything is going well for Safran. CFM International, their joint venture company with General Electric, has just taken an order for 160 engines.

After purchasing forty A-320’s  on 15th., July at the Farnborough Air Show, B.O.C. Aviation, whose fleet exceeds 200 aircraft has just signed a contract; this time for the biggest in its history, with Boeing, for eighty 737’s to be delivered between 2016 and 2021.

To equip its aircraft, the Chinese lessor will need sixty CFM-56 jet engines and 100 next-generation LEAP engines, which consume 15% less fuel and are 75% quieter than others of the present day. Overall amount of the transaction is two billion dollars.

With last year’s turnover of over €14 billion, half of which came from its Aerospace Propulsion branch, this new contract is therefore far from insignificant for the Safran group.

And there were comforting repercussions in the world of finance. At the announcement of this contract, Safran shares jumped more than 3% to over €49.

So it’s chocks away, since this year the group plans to increase its sales by 5% compared to those for 2013. For the first half of 2014, Safran has already surpassed the seven billion euro mark.

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