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Video - Drone delivery takes off

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Express parcel delivery by drones has been a hot topic of conversation for the last three years. But it has now become a reality. Geopost, a subsidiary of La Poste group (French Postal service), has just launched its first regular, commercial deliveries.  Launching with a weekly round, the drone will cover a distance of 15 km between two local communities in the south of France. It will deliver packages of up to 3 kg to an isolated business incubator. The drone will take off and land at appointed terminals, ensuring the monitoring of safe deliveries.

Meanwhile, Internet commerce specialist Amazon has also begun deliveries by drone in the UK. A few days ago, about 100 km north of London, a first customer received a TV box and a bag of popcorn in his garden - just 13 minutes after ordering them online. This was a test run, but the new service of delivering packages weighing less than 2 kg per drone will be rolled out to several hundred British customers in the coming months. Drone deliveries are on their way.

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