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Video - PowerEgg, the egg drone is coming out of its shell

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Huber Hu, PowerVision’s CEO Europe, is holding a high-tech ostrich egg in his hands. It’s called PowerEgg and is in fact the new Chinese drone that we had written about last February. Today, the company has made the trip to Paris in order to promote it, show how it works and speak of its attributes beyond its design.

Huber Hu, CEO - PowerVision Europe: wath the interview in the video.

You can actually pilot the drone yourself manually either with a remote control that captures your hand movements or with a traditional remote control. There are also several automatic modes that you can use to programme a flight plan ahead of time, to take a selfie or to follow you around like a good little doggy.

About the size of a rugby ball, the PowerEgg weighs only 4.5 pounds, has a flight-autonomy of 23 minutes and can reach 29 mph (47km/h) top speed.

Equipped with a multiaxial 4K video camera, the drone can display real time footage up to 3 miles away. It’s targeted at professionals as well as the general public. If you can’t wait until it gets to a shop near you, the Chinese drone is already available online for 1,500 € . The first deliveries are expected for October.

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