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Video - Which came first, the drone or the PowerEgg?

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It hatched on 3 February in San Francisco. The PowerEgg, is a unique new type of drone. PowerVision, the Beijing-based Chinese manufacturer took 18 months to finalize it.

Its unique design, resembling an ostrich egg, makes it easily transportable. To fly it, just press the only button provided. Eight arms then deploy automatically from the shell. Four stabilise the drone on the ground, and the others, each provided with a rotor, lift it into the air. The manufacturer claims that even a five year-old child will be able to master the remote controls of the PowerEgg in just a few minutes.

Aimed equally at the public at large, and aerial video professionals, the PowerEgg is equipped with a rotating HD 360° camera, and due to be marketed in the United States, Europe and Asia this coming spring.

Vis-à-vis its price, autonomy, weight and features, for the moment, the manufacturer, PowerVision, is walking on eggs, or rather maintaining the suspense in Apple-fashion during their new product pre-releases; but we’ll keep you informed as soon as the PowerEgg is laid on the market - maybe in time for the Easter Bunny, who knows?

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