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Video - Flight simulator for military drones lands on the market

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Silkan, based at Bièvres near Paris, is one of the few SME’s in the world to commercialise military drone flight simulators. After two years’ development, this high-tech tool, aimed at drone operator training, is now operational.

The simulator’s main asset is its modularity, it is adaptable to all types of military drones, from the Reaper to the Harfang, for example. It's simply a matter of changing the basic version’s settings. Thanks to its multiple configurations, it is possible to train two-operator teams for a variety of missions, as here with the Sagem Patroller.

As Bernard Del Ghingaro, a manager at Silkan explains: "This type of drone, used for tactical or strategic observation, requires two people: the pilot, and the mission manager. The latter oversees the mission and uses the drone’s embedded sensors to carry out the intelligence assignement."

In addition to training, the simulator also allows drone manufacturers to test new features on their products. Although the price remains confidential, this new tool is poised to receive its first order from France. Many more are expected to follow, especially from the international market, where the company makes 70% of its turnover.

The future is bright. The market for military drones worldwide is expected to almost double by 2024, and exceed $ 10 billion.

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