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Video - Drone 100 light and sound concert

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The video has just been released on the Net, but the operation took place last November, at Ahrenlohe Airport, 20 miles (30 kilometres) north of Hamburg, in Germany. The American company, Intel, the microprocessor-manufacturing specialist, set a world record for the largest number of drones flying simultaneously.

Above the airport, one hundred drones flew in formation, and to music, offering spectators a display, at least equal to that of fireworks, with each drone carrying light emitting diodes of various colours.

To the rhythm of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, performed by an orchestra installed on the runway, the one hundred drones gave an aerial performance lasting several minutes. Four operators each controlled 25 drones.

In order for the choreography to be perfectly executed, the various flight plans were pre-recorded on computers using a dedicated computer software developed by Intel (of course). Fifteen people worked on the programme.

The result was : OFFICIALLY AMAZING. This new kind of display allowed Intel to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Pravin Patel was present to officially adjudicate and verify this world record.

The American company’s objective was to show the full potential of present day drones by putting this operation together, and could perhaps for them, act as a sort of pre-launch for a new concept that might well provide an alternative to traditional firework displays, which has already sparked interest from the drone market.

Last August, Intel invested $ 60 million with the Chinese UAV manufacturer, Yuneec, and has just has bought the German company, Ascending Technologies.

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