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Video - GeoPost invents UAV parcel terminal

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This is a new step in the delivery of parcels by drone that GeoPost has just taken. The French Postal Service subsidiary (in conjunction with a company called Atechsys) recently developed the first "Drone postmen" delivery terminal, which uses this automated container. Protected on its docking station, the drone retrieves the article, then takes it by air, autonomously, to another terminal from where it will be delivered.

The system provides security throughout all stages of drone deliveries, from take-off to landing.

At the centre for studies and testing of autonomous models (CEEMA), near Marseille (southern France), GeoPost has conducted several successful trials with this terminal. As for the drone itself, capable of transporting a package of 6.5 lbs (3 kg) at 19 mph (30 km/h) over several miles, 150 flights have been carried out, certain in cold weather. Other experiments to test and improve the machine are foreseen.

No date for a possible marketing of the delivery service for hard to reach areas has yet been announced, due to the worldwide legislation prohibiting this type of delivery by air.

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