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Video - Birth of future Franco-British combat drone

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The United Kingdom and France have joined hands in the development of a future UCAV. On November 5th at Dassault Aviation’s headquarters near Paris, the French and British governments gave a design study contract to six aeronautical manufacturers, to the tune of € 250 million, with the objective of defining a next generation unmanned combat aircraft within the next two years.

Marc Howyan, Combat Aircraft Programmes Director – French General Directorate for Armament: interview in the video.

In relying on their technology demonstrators, the nEUROn and Taranis, Dassault Aviation and BAE Systems will work with Thales and Selex for the onboard electronics, and Safran and Rolls-Royce to determine the characteristic key propulsion technologies of the future prototype; work that will be carried out in harmony on both sides of the Channel.

Eric Trappier, Chief Executive Officer - Dassault Aviation: interview in the video.

The Franco-British cooperation on this future UCAV is not devoid of interest. It will allow both nations to meet their military needs, and also develop the advanced technologies in this field that only now the United States masters, and all this by halving the cost; a project that could well become a reality in 2030.

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