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Video - The Tanan drone puts down on the DCNS ship

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The aviation and marine worlds are sometimes not so far apart. As proof, at the Euronaval show, which runs until 31st October at Le Bourget (near Paris), DCNS, the specialist in naval defense, and Airbus Defence & Space, have signed a cooperation agreement concerning the development of the TANAN compact VTOL Tactical UAS (Vertical Take-Off and Landing, Tactical Unmanned Aerial System), a programme launched in 2008.

Here in the prototype stage, the TANAN will now be configured as a marine version. Destined for off the deck use, from ships on reconnaissance and protection missions, and carried onboard, this drone will be unique in many ways

Weighing 350 kg (over 770 lbs), it is capable of carrying a 50 kg (110 lbs), payload and, thanks to a powerful diesel engine, will have an autonomy of eight hours. Another advantage is its onboard equipment. The TANAN will have an optronic ball, radar and even a rocket launcher. A significant advantage in the fight against piracy, for example.

The first test flight of this marine version of the TANAN is scheduled for December, but its certification should not take place before the end of 2016.

The French, British and American navies, amongst others, have shown interest in this drone, which today has no direct competitor. The potential worldwide market for this type of drone is estimated at several hundred units.

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