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Video - Dassault Aviation's "concept jet"

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The French Council for Civil Aviation Research (CORAC) recently brought together the key players in the French aviation industry, with the aim of establishing an overview of current research on aircraft of the future. Amongst them, Dassault Aviation caught our attention with a model which is currently undergoing wind tunnel tests. A business jet with both canard wing configuration, and a futuristic tail providing reduced drag and improved stability.

Philippe Rostand, Manager of future Falcons - Dassault Aviation:

"When the plane yaws, the airflow of this tail configuration will bring it back in line and make it longitudinally stable, which is primordial on airplanes. This replaces both the vertical and horizontal stabilizers as found on conventional aircraft configurations."

Other advantages with its twin engines mounted toward the rear of the fuselage, and not on the wings, is that this jet would not only see a reduction in its weight but significantly also its noise pollution.

Philippe Rostand, Manager of future Falcons - Dassault Aviation:

"Engine noise, would no longer be problematic for inhabitants in close proximity to an airport, since the sound is reflected upwards, so it is not heard."

Much like the concept cars presented at car shows, the probability that one day this future Falcon will be put into production is low, but rather conceived for the Dassault Aviation R&T teams to study various technological possiblities. Concepts, which, depending on their feasibility, the development of air standards, or customer demand may, or may not, become a reality.

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