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Video - The Patroller tactical drone

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On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Sagem’s Montluçon site specialized in navigation, especially the manufacture of tactical U.A.V’s., and located 300 km (180 miles) south of Paris, we took a look at the latest product from the French manufacturer; the Patroller drone. This prototype is a tactical one tonne (2,204 lbs.) class drone whose design is based on the German Stemme S-15 civilian aircraft.

The size of the drone with its 18m. (59 ft.) wingspan allows it an autonomy of up to 20 flight hours at over seven km. (23,000 ft.) altitude, or 30 hours with a second onboard battery. The optronics equipment developed by Sagem is able to meet the requirements of civil or military surveillance.

This ball is a gyroscopically stabilized optical system which can detect a moving target at more than 15 km (9.3 miles) distance and clearly distinguish a person at over three kilometres (almost two miles), day and night; all of which reinforce the position of Sagem as world leader for this type of optronics equipment. The company is already working on a new prototype, the successor to the Euroflir 410.

General Jean-Pierre Rayssac, Military Adviser – Sagem (Safran Group) : "In this camera we have five sensors, the optical, infrared, spotter, laser telemetry (range finder), and marking, but in the next version and we'll increase this to seven, in brief, a complete range of sensors."

In its current and future version, due in about two and a half years’ time, the Euroflir 410 provides the Patroller with the means of responding to a variety of missions, such as prevention and situation assessment of natural disasters, border and coastal surveillance or police missions. Production of the Patroller drone will be carried out entirely by Sagem in France.

Bruno Even, Chief Executive Officer – Sagem (Safran Group) : "Today, the Patroller is a development programme designed to respond to different users’ needs, whether in France or abroad. We have been asked to produce over 150 units during the Sperwer programme, so our ambition is to have the same success with the Patroller."

Like the Five Sperwers (Sparrowhawk in English) at present under construction, several units of the Patroller could also be produced simultaneously. The Patroller is positioning itself against its competitors, the Thales Watchkeeper and Airbus Shadow M2 in an upcoming bid for 14 new-generation tactical U.A.V’s. which the French army needs to equip itself with, in 2017.

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