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Video - What’s this bizarre road-machine used by Boeing?

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At first glance this exceptional Boeing convoy is nothing special - but only at first glance. We’ll talk you through it. At the back of the truck, look at this bizarre road-machine. Flattened out, with ten wheels and no brakes or indicator lights, this steer car acts like a rudder to direct the rear of the truck.

Sitting behind the steering wheel, the driver has to position his vehicle at exactly the right place on the road to enable 100 ft. (30m) long parts to travel safely through winding roads, where conventional heavy-duty trucks couldn’t pass, and would require large traffic lanes.

At the controls of the truck, the steer car and the pilot car, the three drivers are in constant contact - concentration is of the essence.

Rick Colton, steer car driver - Boeing: watch the interview in the video.

It’s a high-risk “ballet” performed five times a day between the Boeing plant in Frederickson and the one in Everett, over a distance of 70 miles (113 km) while transporting metallic parts that ensure the wing strength of the 747, 767 and 777. As for the price for this steer car or the name of its manufacturer, Boeing prefers to draw a veil.

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