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Video - Leonardo: Finmeccanica inspired by ‘genius’

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On 1st January, Finmeccanica officially changed its name to Leonardo. In so doing, the Italian aerospace and defence group, created in 1948, completes its transformation from the status of a holding company to that of a single company. Plans for the revamp were approved by shareholders last April.

The group is counting on the new name to “redefine its image”. Its choice pays tribute to the visionary Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, who in the 15th century not only painted Mona Lisa, but developed concepts like the aerial screw, precursor of the helicopter rotor, and the flying machine, ancestor to the modern plane.

With its headquarters in the Italian capital, Leonardo is present in 15 countries around the world and employs almost 50,000 people. Its varied activities range from helicopters, aeronautics, defence electronics and space to transport and energy. In 2015, the group achieved a turnover of $13 billion.

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