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Video - Jobcuts likely as Boeing slows output of 777

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Output of the current Boeing 777 is to be reduced by 40 per cent by next summer. Today about eight aircraft come out of the factories every month, but this figure will drop to just five a month from August 2017. The American aircraft manufacturer says the measure will "affect employment", without yet giving any figures about job cuts.

The slowdown comes in the wake of a sharp decrease in orders for the 777, airline companies now preferring its successor, the Boeing 777X.

Boeing’s strategic choice is aimed at optimising assembly line production. At the current rate of production, the 165 remaining orders for Boeing 777s were due to have been delivered by July 2018. By reducing the pace of production, the aircraft manufacturer will spread out diary dates for delivery until May 2019 - just a few months before the 777X is scheduled to enter into service, in 2020.

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