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Video - Relive the Airbus A350-1000 maiden voyage

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Relive the Airbus A350-1000’s first test flight from Toulouse on Thursday 24th  November. On board for the ride, were six crew members - including two test pilots, a test flight engineer and the A350 development test manager.

The flight, lasting more than four hours over the Pyrenees opens the long-haul jet’s flight envelope. It kicks off the flight test campaign for the longest-fuselage version of the A350 family, due to enter service at the end of 2017.

In the next few weeks, two other A350-1000 test planes will follow this first prototype, covered in 220 sensors and capable of recording 600,000 different parameters. One of the aircraft (MSN 071) will be responsible for carrying out tests in extreme conditions in cold and hot weather. The other aircraft (MSN 065) will be equipped with a cabin and will accommodate Airbus employees on board in order to test it in flight, under standard operating conditions.

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