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Video - Airbus delivers its 10,000th aircraft

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On 14th October, it was no ordinary delivery for Airbus in Toulouse. The European aircraft manufacturer delivered its 10,000th aircraft to Singapore Airlines. The aircraft in question, an A350, was sporting a special livery for the occasion. Impossible to miss the words 10,000th Airbus Aircraft emblazoned in gold on its fuselage. The A350 will be operational on the Singapore – San Francisco route from the end of this month.

The first ever delivery of an Airbus aircraft dates back to May 1974, when Air France received the A300B2. And while it may have taken 19 years to produce its first 1,000 aircraft, production has been picking up pace ever since.

The 2,000th delivery came six years later, in 1999, and the 3,000th only three years after that, in 2002. The 9,000th delivery took place last year, on 20th March 2015 in Hamburg (Germany) – an A321 for Vietjet Air. Today the European aircraft manufacturer takes just 19 months to produce a thousand aircraft.

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