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Video - Take a look at the Boeing 767 flying Amazon colours

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If you want something done right – do it yourself. On this basis, Amazon has decided to acquire its own cargo planes for expediting orders to its 54 million Prime service American customers. This service guarantees a delivery within 48 hours.

Up until now, the American company specialized in online sales, would lease 10 unmarked aircraft. But a few months ago, Amazon shifted gear by signing up for 40 Boeing 767s that will all fly the company colours. They will be deployed over the next two years.

The first aircraft was presented early August (see the video with no commentary). The new fleet will enable Amazon not to be dependant on traditional cargo carriers such as UPS and FedEx. It will also enable the company to reduce costs as well as increase market share in this highly competitive sector, by delivering more, more quickly. According to the Seattle Times, Amazon has entered into negotiations with Boeing to acquire 20 additional 767s.

Whilst waiting for its small package drone delivery to be deployed, the online sales giant is betting on its own cargo planes, each with a 50 ton freight capacity and an over 3,700 mile range.

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