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Video - Boeing 787’s repeat performance

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There are some déjà vus one never gets tired of seeing. A year ago, a few days before the Salon du Bourget airshow in Paris, Boeing created a sensation. The American aircraft manufacturer had released a video on the web showing a Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 carrying out breathtaking demonstration flights. It showed the long haul aircraft doing a nearly vertical take-off, which sparked off a large number of comments.

So this year, on the 7th of July, just three days before the Farnborough airshow in the UK, Boeing have done it again. This time, the Dreamliner flew the colours of the Japanese airline, ANA (All Nippon Airways). The Boeing 787-9 will carry out demonstration flights in the British skies from the 11th to the 13th of July and will be delivered to the company this summer.

This new video was shot over Lake Moses in Washington State (USA). At the helm were two Boeing test pilots who again achieved an impressive take off followed by steep banks and of course the unforgettable touch-down/take off manoeuvre.

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  • Wingman
    Posté the 07/09/2016 10:11 pm

    As a Boeing retiree who worked on several commercial jets, this is amazing. I will never cease to be awed by one of these leave the ground and soar into the air. Something like this only compounds the thrill.

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