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Video - The Bombardier CS100 up against its competitors

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After delivery to the airline Swiss, the Bombardier CS100 will soon enter into service. The perfect opportunity to take a closer look at its direct competitors on the market today. There are two of them: the Airbus A319 and the Boeing 737-700.

On the maximum capacity side of things, the A319 has the upper hand, followed closely by the B737 with 156 and 144 passengers respectively. The CS100 can take up to 133. The cabin is laid out in a 3-2 configuration whereas the other two aircraft have a 3-3 configuration.

As for maximum range, the A319 is way in the lead with 4,300 miles, that’s 450 miles more than the Boeing and 500 miles more than the Bombardier.

In the cockpit, we’ll let you be the judge between the ergonomy of the B737, the A319 and that of the CS100.

As far as pricing is concerned, the CS100 wins at 72 million dollars, that’s 9 million dollars less than the Boeing and 17 million dollars less than the Airbus.

For fuel consumption, according to the Canadian OEM, the CS100 is 20% more efficient and less noisy.

It remains true, however, that the two competitors to the CS100 have an unquestionable advantage: the notoriety and reliability of their name. Launched twenty years ago, they’ve proved themselves. Now, it’s up to the CS100 to do the same.

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