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Video - Airbus Group new headquarters

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After two and a half years’ work, Airbus Group inaugurates today their new headquarters in Toulouse (southwestern France). A more than twelve-acre (five-hectare) site close to the city’s airport runways and the Airbus assembly lines.

The complex comprises the head office itself, an administrative building and a restaurant capable of serving 1,800 meals during lunchtime. As with American campuses, such as that of Google, there is a gym and a concierge service. The site is also embellished with over 180,000 feet (17,000 m2) of lawns and around 200 trees.

The main building houses an impressive entrance, complete with palms, and an elegant staircase, leading to the upper floors covering a total 130,000 ft2 (12,000 m2) of open plan offices, containing a multitude of interconnected collaborative and acoustically insulated work stations as shown here.

1,500 employees are already working on the premises, which cost 100 million euros, fully funded by the sale of both former Airbus Group headquarters, in Paris and Munich.

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