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Video - Embraer E190-E2’s maiden flight

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On 23 May, a few weeks ahead of schedule, Embraer’s new regional jet, the E190-E2, took off for the first time. The flight of more than three hours over São José dos Campos (Brazil) was undertaken by four pilots and test engineers.

Unveiled on 25 February, the aircraft is the first of four prototypes in the flight test programme. This remotorised version of the current E190 should enter service in 2018, with a 97 to 106 seating capacity, and a range of over 3,200 miles (5,000 kilometres).

Launched in June 2013 by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, the E-Jets E2 programme has a total of three different regional jet versions. After the E190, the E195-E2 will enter the market in 2019, and the E175-E2, the following year.

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