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Video - Unorthodox dismantling of an airplane

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A small regional aircraft chewed up by an excavator is the unorthodox way chosen to dismantle an end-of-life aircraft. This Russian video shows the heavyweight deconstruction of the front portion of a tri-jet proudly displaying UTair livery. The video does not say whether the three stages of normal decommissioning have been complied with, although we could well assume that this is not the case.

Devoid of its engines, the aircraft - clearly destined for the scrap yard - is a 36-seater Yak-40, of which more than 1,000 units were produced by the Russian manufacturer Yakovlev.

Commissioned in 1968, the regional aircraft has not been operated by UTair for several years. The Russian airline’s current fleet presently comprises 100 Boeing’s, ATR’s, Antonov’s, and over 300 helicopters.

Over the next twenty years an estimated 8,000 aircraft are to be dismantled worldwide.

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