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Video - Embraer’s E190 and E190-E2: what differentiates them?

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Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer’s current E190 regional jet, was commissioned ten years ago. Their second-generation version, "E2", was unveiled on 25 February in Brazil, and due to enter service in 2018.

In terms of external differences, as with the A320neo and Boeing’s 737 MAX, there are the engines. The E190-E2 is primarily a re-engined version of the E190, with the new bigger Pratt & Whitney engine, replacing those of General Electric. This means that because the new engine’s fan diameter is more than 20 inches (50 cm) wider, Embraer has had to lengthen the nosewheel undercarriage.

With the new 16% more fuel-efficient engines, the narrow-body medium-range aircraft has been provided with a more aerodynamic high aspect ratio wing, thus increasing its range by 500 miles (800 km).

On board, the main differences are to be found in the cockpit. That of the re-engined version has new generation avionics, and four large screens of almost 16 in. (40 cm diagonal), instead of the present E190’s five smaller ones.

Finally, the last difference between the two versions should be the price; although Embraer do not make their list prices public.

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