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Video - Airbus A380 attains break-even point

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On 24 February, at their annual results conference in London, Airbus Group announced that, fifteen years after its launch, the A380 programme break-even point had been attained in 2015.

Last year’s figures show that the European group achieved an all divisions inclusive turnover of over 64 billion euros (96 billion dollars for the Boeing group), up 6% compared to 2014.

A result largely due to the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which accounts for 70% of the overall figure, with 20% coming from Airbus Defence & Space, and Airbus Helicopters making up the remainder.

In order to make it picture perfect, the only thing that remains outstanding is to resolve the manufacturing problems of the A400M. Eleven units of the military transport aircraft were delivered in 2015, as against the sixteen originally planned.

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  • Clanranald
    Posté the 02/25/2016 12:22 am

    would like to see it successful with modified Trent using GTF as well as current 3 spool design, beefed up undercart, and go heavily with little curfew to the bulk tourist trade, taking off and landing at all hours from and to many airports - bulk trade like Ryanair but not with the discourtesies.

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