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Video - Airbus A321neo's maiden flight just completed

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A little over a year after the A320neo, it was the turn of its "big brother", the A321neo, to make its maiden flight. On 9 February, the remotorised version of the present A321 took off from Hamburg in Germany at 11:17 local time.

The A321neo, the biggest member of the A320 family, will be offered with the same engines as the A320neo (LEAP-1A or PW1100G-JM), with first delivery expected at the end of the year. For the moment the name of its launch customer remains confidential.

85% of Airbus’ orders are accounted for by the A320 and A321, after which will come the smallest and latest, A319neo, scheduled for entry into service towards the end of 2018.

Airbus has however no plans to produce a re-engined version of their A318 - and for good reason. Due to lack of orders, the aircraft has not been produced for three years, with airlines preferring its preceding, larger capacity aircraft.

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