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Video - Airbus and Boeing : 2015’s positive results for both

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On 12 January in Paris, five days after that of Boeing, it was Airbus’ turn to present their annual report for 2015.

As can be seen in this infographic, commercially, Airbus far outweighs Boeing with nearly 300 net orders more than the American.

By contrast, in the industrial domain, Boeing leads for the fourth consecutive year, having delivered more than a hundred more aircraft  than Airbus.

For Fabrice Brégier, head of Airbus, production rates will accelerate. The European airframer expects to deliver 50 A350’s this year, as against last year’s 15, in addition to marketing the re-engined version of their A320, the A320neo.

Fabrice Brégier, CEO of Airbus: "We will deliver the first A320neo starting this month, and progressively ramp-up the production of the single-aisle. We are producing close to 42 aircraft a month now, and we will produce 50 aircraft a month in 2017, and 60 aircraft mid- 2019."

For Boeing, who celebrate their first 100 years in aviation this year, the priority is the 737 MAX, which should carry out its maiden flight sometime this winter, although the specific date is as yet unknown.

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