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Video - Comac ARJ21’s first delivery

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After presenting their C919 just one month ago, the Chinese aircraft manufacturers, COMAC, have just delivered their first regional jet, the ARJ21, to Chengdu Airlines.

The ceremony took place at the manufacturer's premises in Shanghai, and the aircraft then flew to Chengdu airport, 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometres) west of Shanghai, where Chengdu Airlines is based. The twin-jet will enter service in early 2016. Its range varies between 1,400 and 2,300 miles (2,200 and 3,700 kilometres).

As with their C919, COMAC uses thirty European and American suppliers for the ARJ21.

Initially, the regional jet, is intended mainly for the Chinese domestic market, since up to now, China is the only country which has certified it (CAAC). At present the American civil aviation authorities do not intend certifying the aircraft.

Since its maiden flight in late 2008, the programme has picked up more than 340 firm orders from 19 different airlines. The ARJ21’s cabin is configured with 2+3 seating and can accommodate 78 to 90 passengers.

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